Vernon Carey Feeling More Comfortable According To Sparano

On how much more comfortable Vernon Carey feels at guard Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano said: “Honestly, I would argue Vernon played the best upfront the other night. Really starting to look like a guard in there, he really is.  I know there’s some people out there who don’t really believe in that. I’m telling you, you’re making a mistake. This guy is going to be a good guard, a really good guard, I think down the road. It’s just going to take time. It goes back to that deal there…if he was there in March, how much further ahead we’d be. When you’re pulling and something happens fast on the run and you’re not used to that, it takes a little bit of time to see some of that. Is a linebacker coming underneath me or is he coming outside of me. Do I come around this or do I come under it…and he’s starting to figure that out a little bit. Playing a lot faster in there right now.”

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