All Santana Moss Wants for Christmas Is Some Gold Teeth

Ever wonder what an NFL player wants for Christmas? How about what some of the Redskins receiving corps wanted when they were kids?
“I used to get Micro Machines all the time, so those were always good,” Anthony Armstrong. “And there was one time where I got my brother’s gift. I asked for the other gift, but he got it.”

Santana Moss didn’t get the gift he really wanted to give himself.

“I remember one gift that I wanted that I couldn’t get,” he said. “I wanted some gold teeth one time. I saved my money up to get ‘em, I’m about to go get ‘em, and I didn‘t tell my parents, and just something told me just let ‘em know I’m fittin’ to get some golds, and Mom was like, ‘Go ahead, because when you come your stuff will be outside.’ … So I spent the money on something else.”

Instead, he told News4, he used tinfoil to pretend he had gold teeth for a while.

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