Rob Chudzinski is intriguing coaching candidate

Ability to work with young QB sets Chudzinski apart

While Panthers quarterback Cam Newton surely deserves a bulk of the credit for his early success, the coach behind this offense might soon find himself also benefiting from the improvements of Carolina’s offense. Rob Chudzinski, the Panthers' offensive coordinator, had already been an assistant discussed as a head-coaching prospect before this year, but he’s now proving more than ever that he deserves a shot.

Chudzinski has never stayed idle in one place for longer than two NFL seasons, so he might not have generated the momentum necessary to gain the interest of owners around the league. But those owners should nonetheless take notice: With a rookie quarterback in place, Chudzinski’s offense ranks fifth in the league in total yards (fifth in passing yards; seventh in rushing). In addition to Chudzinski’s previous body of work as an assistant, his progress with Newton should be very appealing for any team in need of a coach who is also likely to have a young quarterback to mentor in 2012.

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