Ed Reed is rooting for Ochocinco

One aspect missing from the buildup of Sunday’s AFC North clash between the Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals is the lack of barbs usually crafted by wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

Ochocinco, a former Bengal who is now employed by the New England Patriots, once sent deodorant to the Ravens secondary to help the defensive players from sweating while trying to shadow him. He used to keep a pre-game list in his locker of the defensive players he planned to target, and he added former cornerbacks Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle and current inside linebacker Ray Lewis in the past.

But with Ochocinco out of the picture, the chatter has died down to barely a whisper. Ravens free safety Ed Reed smiled when asked if he missed Ochocinco’s presence.

“I’m kind of wondering where is Chad, all the noise that you usually hear,” Reed said. “You start to see some true things when guys start to get moved around in different leagues. I would’ve thought that he still would’ve been a great receiver, especially over there in New England. But obviously, there’s something that’s not right. So I hope Chad gets it together because I know he’s still a great player and has still got great attributes about him.”

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