Willis McGahee learns to love read-option attack

Even within his own locker room, quarterback Tim Tebow can be an acquired taste. The Broncos' offensive coaches, led by coordinator Mike McCoy, decided the best way to maximize Tebow's skill set — which is heavy on running ability and light on passing accuracy from the pocket — was to install a college-like, read-option attack, but running back Willis McGahee was leery.

"At the beginning, I wasn't too happy with the read option because it really wasn't doing anything until I learned to run it," McGahee said.

He notified the coaches that he was going to adjust his steps, and he received the go-ahead. Then McGahee had the second-best statistical game of his nine-year career, rushing for 163 yards Sunday against Oakland. His career-best game was 167 yards, also against Oakland, while playing for Baltimore in the 2009 season finale.

"When I realized it was working, I kind of got back in love with the read option," McGahee said.

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