Ray Lewis reaches 2,500 tackle milestone

OWINGS MILLS -- Baltimore Ravens All-Pro middle linebacker Ray Lewis tackled running back Javon Ringer after he gained one yard in the third quarter.

It was a routine tackle for the two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, but it also pushed Lewis to 2,500 for his career.

Tackles are an unofficial NFL statistic, but Lewis, 36, is the league's current active leader.

"It's just a credit of going out and giving it everything you've got year in and year out," Lewis said. "Just try to stay as healthy as you can be and never stop loving the game. I never stopped loving it. If you are a true professional, you are going to prepare a certain way when you win and you are going to prepare the same way when you lose.

"That is a credit to me coming back every year in better shape than I was the year before, because I always like the journey and to see where the journey is going to end."

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