Harbaugh offers no update on Ray Lewis

Earlier this afternoon, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh took part in a conference call with national reporters and members of the San Francisco media.

Once a lot of the Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh discussion had faded (I'll have much more on this later), naturally, one of the reporters on the call asked the Ravens' head coach if he had any thoughts about Ray Lewis' status for Thursday's game.

Lewis missed yesterday's contest against the Bengals because of a foot injury, marking his first game missed since 2004.

"My thoughts about it? I think about it a lot," Harbaugh said. "I've got lots of thoughts about it."

This prompted some chuckles from reporters who are unfamiliar with Harbaugh's reluctance to divulge injury information.

The same reporter followed up with another question about Lewis, asking whether the 12-time Pro Bowl linebacker would be able to play against the 49ers.

"Is that something I really want to share right now, you think?" Harbaugh said. "Would there be any value in me doing that?"

Told by the reporter that it was a question that needed to be asked, Harbaugh laughed and said he understood. But that was the end of the discussion on that topic.

As much as Lewis must have hated sitting out yesterday's game against a division rival, I bet he would rather cut off the injured foot than miss Thursday night's primetime Thanksgiving battle.

Still, with just four days in between yesterday's Bengals game and the 49ers contest, it will be interesting to see if Lewis will be able to heal up enough to allow for him to return to game action.

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