Big Vince Wilfork takes heat

FOXBORO — Vince Wilfork [stats] has heard the criticism of the Patriots [team stats] secondary. How could he not?

Following the loss to the Steelers, one that saw quarterback Ben Roethlisberger pass for 365 yards, the defensive backs have been roasted on every form of media available. Yet the captain Wilfork wants one aspect of the situation clear: If you’re going to blame anyone, blame everyone.

“We all take part in that,” Wilfork said. “You’re not going to sit back and say, ‘You know what, they catch a ball because they’re not covering.’ It’s part of us up front, too, not being able to get to the quarterback quick enough. It works hand-in-hand. It’s not track where you can go out and throw the shotput and run the 100-yard dash, win the medal by yourself. You win together.”

Wilfork put the onus on the front seven to pressure the quarterback, even after a week that included five sacks. He wanted to make sure the secondary members didn’t feel like it was all their fault not getting off the field on third down or allowing a 20-yard in-cut.

“Twenty yards down the field?” Wilfork said. “That gives us a lot of time to work up front, get to the quarterback. So, we have to take some of the blame, too. And we are. So, one thing this team does, and this defense does, is we keep working. Bill (Belichick) challenges us every week and we keep working. Work hard, just have to work harder. But that’s what we do.”

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