Devin Hester and Sam Shields enjoy punching each other

Trailing by 10 and with a chance to put some pressure on the Packers with a score, wide receiver Devin Hester (notes) decided it would be a good time to throw a punch at Sam Shields (notes) .

Sure, he wasn't the only one misbehaving there -- Shields deserved a penalty too, but that matters not. If you lose your cool and throw a punch, you deserve to be penalized, end of story. If you don't like it, keep your hands to yourself.

The penalty put the Bears in a third-and-very-long, and they couldn't convert. I doubt they'd have won the game anyway, as Green Bay seemed to always have an answer for anything Chicago did, but it was the best chance they had. A score there cuts the lead to three with plenty of time remaining.

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