A New Streak Is Born

Last week when Reggie Wayne found out about the streak being broken at 149 straight weeks a proCane has scored an NFL TD, he responded by saying: “It sucks.”

Wayne though followed up his comment by saying: “I’ll start a new streak this week.” Sure enough Wayne started a new streak by scoring 56-yard TD (his 1st TD since Week 1) finishing the game with 5 receptions for 122 yards.

Jimmy Graham added 2 TDs to go along with his team leading 84 yards on 5 receptions for the New Orleans Saints in their victory over the NY Giants.

To see the full 149 week streak click here.

So here is to the beginning of a new streak that we will chronicle:

Week 12 2011:
Reggie Wayne - 1 TD - Indianapolis Colts
Jimmy Graham - 2 TDs - New Orleans Saints

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