DeMarcus Van Dyke Ready For More

Tonight, the Raiders pop the DVD back in. Action movie? Horror flick? We'll see.

Rookie cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke is back in the starting lineup against the Seahawks, a week after giving up four passes for 73 yards in the first four minutes of a loss to quarterback Drew Brees and the Saints.

His confidence is not shaken.

"No, once you have the mind-set that you're a great player, you never lose confidence," the third-round pick out of Miami said. "You just have to stay confident, because in the NFL, guys are going to beat you some days. And you're going to beat them some days. Stay positive and you'll be OK."

Van Dyke, in the lineup for the injured Chris Johnson, said he learned something last week.

"I just have to make plays," he said. "I was in position to make a play the first play (a 37-yard pass), but I just gotta turn my head around. That's about it. Just make plays. Coach (Rod) Woodson told me to make plays on the ball and all that will stop."

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