Devin Hester looks in the mirror

With all due respect to a fellow receiver, the last thing Devin Hester wanted to talk about was Roy Williams' chemistry with quarterback Jay Cutler.

"I don't talk about anybody else," Hester said Wednesday. "I can only talk about myself. What Roy has going on, that's for him. I can only control what I can do."

Hester's focus this week is to get better in areas that continue to plague the receiving corps as a whole.

"I need to improve on a lot of things, but I really need to get clearer separation on my guy,'' Hester said. "Certain times, I was open but could have been even more open. It just comes from accelerating out of my breaks and make sure I'm getting (the defender's) hand off me when they try to jam.''

As for Williams, his recovery from a groin injury might have thrown off his timing with Cutler because the two haven't practiced together consistently. But Williams said his injury was no excuse for failing to catch any of the four passes thrown his way in the loss the Packers.

"It was my fault. Put it on me," Williams said. "Especially the touchdown. I have strong enough hands to hold on to that ball even with the contact that I got. Great hit by him, but I still have to hold on to that ball.''

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