Leonard Hankerson responds to Redskins critics on Twitter

A lot of fans have been calling for Leonard Hankerson all season, after the third-round draft pick had failed to make the active roster during the Redskins’ first five games.

Well, the fans got what they want on Sunday, although Hankerson didn’t enter the game until Washington’s final drive. Then he appeared to have a miscommunication with quarterback John Beck, leading to Beck’s first interception of the day, which sealed the deal.

After the game, everyone said harmless things about the incident.

“I don’t know what to say about it,” Hankerson said, via The Insider.

“I might have maybe not needed at that moment to try that,” Beck said, via the same. “Hindsight, you can always say the ‘what ifs’ or the ‘should’ve would’ves.’ Hank came in and he and I weren’t on the same page, that was the ultimate thing.”

Thing is, though, several fans had already sent their thoughts on the matter to Hankerson via Twitter, which he didn’t exactly appreciate. See below.

For the record, here were the three tweets he was responding to, sent from the three accounts referenced above.

* i wondered why @HankTime85 never got on the field, then the runs wrong route. Drafting receivers is not our specialty. #Redskins

* @HankTime85 way to run the route chumpzilla

* That is why @HankTime85 can’t get on the field. One play. Wrong route. #pisspoor

But apparently there were more. So then Hankerson spoke more generally to his critics. See above.

And then he realized that this was a losing battle. Seen here.

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