Willis McGahee Will Be Splitting Carries

The Denver Broncos are expected to run the ball more this season under new coach John Fox, but just who will be receiving the bulk of those carries is anyone's guess.

Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy told The Denver Post that the Broncos have no set rotation for the team's two top running backs -- Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee -- and instead will go with who has the hot hand.

"We're going to roll them," McCoy told The Post. "They're going to play, and if one of them is tired, the other one is going in. Then we'll just keep them going. Both of them are going to play plenty of snaps, but we're not going to worry about counting snaps with them.

"If someone is in there playing and they're on a roll, then they're going to stay in. When they need to come out, then they're going to come out."
Moreno, entering his third season, led the Broncos with 16 carries during the preseason, but failed to reach the end zone. Those touches went to McGahee, who had two touchdowns on 15 preseason carries.

In two seasons in Denver, Moreno has 429 carries for 1,726 yards and 12 touchdowns.

McGahee, a nine-year veteran of the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens has 1,541 career carries, but has averaged 126.3 carries over the last three seasons. He scored 20 touchdowns the last two seasons with the Ravens, mainly as the goal line and short-yardage specialist. 

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