Vince Wilfork: 'You're never satisfied'

With no Bill Belichick press conference on Thursdays, one of the team's defensive captains steps to the podium. Today it was Vince Wilfork.

While the Patriots' defense has shown improvement in recent games, Wilfork said the unit is not content.

"I think you can ask any football team or any professional team, ’Are you satisfied with where you are?’ and you’re never satisfied but you have to keep striving, you definitely have to, to be the best you can be — individually and as a team," He said. "If you just look at film on yourself and critique yourself, it makes the team better. The last thing you want to do is go out there and put the team in a situation where they can’t trust you. That’s one thing we preach around here is, ’Make sure you’re doing your job because the guy next to you is depending on you.’ When we do that, things work out great, but when we don’t, we have problems; it’s a breakdown. That’s one area where you can always continue to get better at. Each day, find something you can get better at and it starts with yourself. Don’t look at the big picture; take care of the little things, the little technique stuff, the little conditioning, whatever it may be. That’s small because the small stuff always takes care of the big things and that’s one thing we’ve been doing."

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