16 proCanes Victims of NFL Cuts - A Few Big Surprises

The Philadelphia Eagles cut rookie running back Graig Cooper. The Eagles are deep at the running back position, so look for Cooper to sign as a free agent with another team, he looked quite good this pre-season. The Eagles also cut WR Sinorice Moss. Moss had another great training camp, but was a victim of a deep crop of WRs. Moss has the talent and has shown it when given the opportunity and when healthy. WRs go down due to injury quite often, look for a team to pick him up.

The Miami Dolphins cut TE Dedrick Epps. Epps was cut last year as well but eventually made the Dolphins practice squad. Look for him to latch onto the practice squad again considering how thin the Dolphins are at the TE position.

WR Darnell Jenkins was cut by the New England Patriots. Most scouts seem to think he will find a spot on someone’s roster.

S Jared Campbell, brother of Arizona Cardinal Calais Campbell was cut by the Cardinals. Campbell played well in limited action in the preseason. He may be able to make a practice squad.

The New England Patriots, in a surprise move, cut safety Brandon Meriweather. Meriweather who has been to two consecutive Pro Bowls reportedly freelanced too much in the Patriot backfield and was underperforming. It’s not clear as to whether it was also money issue, but Meriweather is definitely still an elite talent at safety in the NFL. Look for teams thin at that position like the Dolphins and Chiefs to go after Meriweather.

Baraka Atkins LB/DE who had been signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the offseason was cut as well. Atkins was one of the final cuts of the Denver Broncos last year after spending the beginning of his career with the Seahawks.

10-year veteran DL Damione Lewis was cut by the Houston Texans. Lewis was a late addition to the Texans squad last year and played very well both last year and this preseason. What didn’t help Lewis this year was the fact that the Texans changed to a 3-4 defense and Lewis is much better suite as a DL in the 4-3.

Brett Romberg who was a surprise signing by the Atlanta Falcons only a couple of days ago, after not playing at all during the 2010 season, was cut by the Falcons as concerns over their starting center’s health subsided. Don’t be surprised to see Romberg get signed if the Falcons sustain an injury there.

Running back Damien Berry was cut by the Ravens. Berry was slowed by an ankle injury that he suffered in the first game of the pre season, and as a result didn’t play until the fourth game. Berry has NFL skills. BERRY WAS SIGNED TO THE RAVENS PRACTICE SQUAD.

LB Tavares Gooden. Gooden was drafted by the Ravens to eventually replace Ray Lewis at the MLB position, but injuries have really slowed his career. Gooden, if healthy, can start for most NFL teams, but this pre season was no different as he continued to deal with injuries. THE SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS SIGNED GOODEN TO A 1-YEAR DEAL.

Rookie defensive back Ryan Hill was waived by the Minnessota Vikings. Hill didn’t play a lot this pre season but when he did, like in the final pre season game for the Vikings, he performed well leading the team in tackles. The Vikings had Hill listed as a safety. He has the size and speed to play both corner and safety which gives him the type of versatility a lot of teams look for.

Javarris James, RB who led the Indianapolis Colts last year in rushing touchdowns after playing only about half the season was cut by the Colts.

Second-year defensive lineman Dwayne Hendricks who was on the NY Giants practice squad last year and was called up and played in a regular season game last year for the Giants was cut. Giants did have a very good pre-season. THE GIANTS SIGNED HENDRICKS TO THEIR PRACTICE SQUAD.

Rookie DB Corey Nelms was cut by the 49ers. Nelms was a surprise free agent signing and did get playing time in the preseason. THE 49ERS SIGNED NELMS TO THEIR PRACTICE SQUAD.

Rookie Fullback Patrick Hill was cut by the Tennessee Titans. Hill didn’t get any carries in the preseason for the Titans.

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